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Submit Your Music

Spread the word and if you got a hot joint ready for airplay make sure you submit it today. As the first an only radio station devoted to Riverside, California... Mission Bell Radio is now accepting music submissions from any and all musicians. We are accepting Rock off all kinds... including but not limited to Metal, Ska, Alternative, etc. We look forward to your Hip Hop submission as well. Underground, Mainstream, Gospel, Instrumental or even accapella freestyles! 

Very Soon our station will be broadcasting 24 hours each day and devoted to Playing only those affiliated with Riverside and our neighbors. We fully intend to load our website, broadcast and social media feeds full of Inland Empire content. Local Advertisements, Restaurant Reviews, Coupons and current events. We will spot lite local musicians, athletes, comedian and students. We will give to the needy and strengthen our community... song by song and good deed by good deed.

Every day we will takes steps to becoming the breath of fresh air you radio listeners desire. We will aim to be the station indie band and underground artists can rely on to break records and support the movement. We have no political agenda, not for advertising or radio spins and we refuse to play the same record 8 times a day for 8 months straight.

If you would like your music added to our directory and to our station rotation please read the details below and follow instruction below. 

Mission Bell Radio is not a commercial radio station. This is an Independent radio station devoted to indie and unsigned musicians. It is a privilege to be featured on this broadcast and receive all the marketing and awareness our staff delivers. Artist, Bands and Musicians will not be paid to be featured on this show. So if you or your music is registered with music PRO's like Ascap or BMI then you must understanding that by submitting your music to MissionBellRadio.com you are simultaneously waiving your rights to any compensation for our broadcast.

For those that don't know, Companies like Ascap and BMI are devoted to collecting royalties for musicians when there music is aired. These royalties are paid to each musician according to how often there song is played and to how big of an audience the broadcast may reach. Ascap and BMI are both really cool agencies that do alot for music makers, but if you are interested in collecting royalties from MissionBellRadio.com then this is not the place for you. This show is for the needy. It is for the Starving Artists that needs an open door to step their foot in. It is for those that make music from home for fun and also for the career artist trying to make a living as an independent. This show is not about money, although purchases and donations are needed to pay the bills, this show is about exposure, friendship, fun and supporting the underground while creating an opportunity for those that need it.

If you are interested in being featured on our radio station, you will need agree to the disclaimer and follow the instructions below.


" I have the legal rights and authority to grant MissionBellRadio.com and it's staff the permission to use and distribute the attached music files, text and images. I am granting this permission for promotional purposes only and am I aware that I will not be compensated any publishing or royalty fee for the broadcast of my submission. I do not and will not seek any monetary compensation for the broadcast of my submission.

I understand that MissionBellRadio.com well never sell my music or the contents of my music submission. Therefore, I hereby grant permission for any and all promotional use of the attached media within my email submission.

I UNDERSTAND I CAN REVOKE THIS PERMISSION AND REQUEST MY SUBMISSION BE REMOVED AT ANY TIME WITHOUT INCIDENT. I also understand that my request will only pertain to active marketing and future marketing campaigns and I am completely aware that my submission will not and can not be removed from previously dated mixtapes, videos, interviews, blog entries, calendars, etc. etc.

I accept full responsibility as the owner and operator of this email address for the usage of the my media submission. I understand the usage and grant permissions to usage of said media for any streaming, broadcast, website or publication affiliated www.MissionBellRadio.com and By engaging this email I am accepting any and all legal ramifications that may result in consequence of the attached media. I am completely aware of my agreement and I lawfully state that this media content does not or will not infringe on any other persons rights or royalties"

If you have read our disclaimer and agree with our conditions, you must then copy the disclaimer above and include the disclaimer with your music submission. Submit your music by email at MissionBellRadio@gmail.com and be patient. It may take some time but if it's "Riverside", it will get featured.

Audio Submissions

All submissions must be mp3 format with a bit rate of 128kb/s or higher. Your email should include pictures, websites and a bio or press release. Its that simple. we feature good music and we try to be the first to break records so send them our way. If your feature is selected not only will we spin it but we will also promote you on twitter and other social networks as well.
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