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Who What Where is Riverside?

Lets get this straight. We are not talking about New York, Georgia or any other city of Riverside. We are talking about Riverside, California.... The heart of the Inland Empire! We are talking about the home of Bobby Bonds, Sammy Knight, Adam Kennedy, Kawhi Leonard and Tyler Clary. We are talking about the home of Mount Rubidoux, The Mission Inn or the Fox Theater and when we talk of Riverside we all know it means much more than common definition of a city.

Mission Bell Radio was born for our city of Riverside but in reality "Riverside" spans an entire county. Our city is the 8th largest in the state of California and the 53rd largest city within the United States. Our County of Riverside is the 11th largest in America and we are growing more everyday. We have cities inside of cities... Casa Blanca, Mira Loma, Pedley and Orangecrest.. just to name a few. We have over 20 different high schools, 3 colleges and we have 2 airports.

It might have all started with wagons and orange grooves but in 2015 the city of Riverside is a major artery that fuels this globe. Our Radio station and blog will soon begin to feature the best people, places and things Riverside has to offer. Past, Present and Future... we will share our memories, observations and Predictions, plus tons of bio's and documentaries on the companies and people that make the city so strong.

Mission Bell Radio  will show our Riverside love, support and we will most certainly bring all of you along for the ride. Keep in mind.. Riverside is just one hour from Los Angeles and one hour away from San Diego. We are the un official traffic control tower for Southern California. We are in the middle of it all so we normally end up being the center of attention or a quick drive away from the fun mix. So even if your an outta towner or just lost on your radio directory... this station will be entertaining for all, just remember....Mission Bell Radio will always put Riverside first!
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