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FAB has Riverside Rocking

Hailing from the Ukraine... Indie Band F@B has been making some noise in the underground music scene and now that noise can be heard in Riverside, California. Late last week Mission Bell Radio added F@B to our station rotation and listeners will hear their band often during our Rock, Ska, Metal and Alternative segment. 

Our Rock segment broadcasts daily between 12am and 12pm and you will certainly have the chance to hear F@B's  new single "Air", as a prelude to the band's highly anticipated up coming release.

This crossover band known as F@B is now poised and ready to release their upcoming album, TALMBOUT'DAT. A project which combines Rapcore, Nu-Metal, Grunge, and other avante-garde genres to create untamed, fantastic tracks that will bend your concept of music.

Fragment Antigen Binding. That's what F@B stands for. We know all of you were wondering so we couldn't let you get out of here without the info and you have to admit it only makes the band more interesting. lol So be sure to check them out and show your love. their SoCal style of music is now rocking Riverside and Mission Bell Radio but you can rest assure it's only a matter of time before the entire globe takes notice. Enjoy the Ear Candy!!


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