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Thank God For Food4Less Gas

We all know the economy is a joke. Concerts venues charging $4 for a bottle of water, local grocery stores selling the same products as the dollar store for 3,4 or even 5 times as much and while Most people working minimum wage see roughly %20 percent of their daily earnings gobbled up by gas or food, A majority of these companies mainstream or local seem to do their best to take advantage.

Everyday gas prices changes and in many cities you might see 2 or 3 gas stations at the same intersection. Most of us feel a little sick to our bellies when thinking about refueling especially if we get are stuck on the wrong side of town and forced to pay more. It truly is disgusting how one gas station can charge one rate and right across the street the price can be totally different. Thank God for Food4Less Gas! For the last few years now Food4Less Gas prices have consistently been lower priced than most of the alternatives and today we just had to remind our family and network  that we do have a few Food4Less locations within our community.

The featured picture is of today's prices our local Food4Less Gas Station located on Van Buren blvd and California ave. Right across the street the gas station is charging $0,30 cents more.

In Moreno Valley on Alessandro blvd and Indian ave the Food4Less is only charging $2,43 per gallon while the station directly across Indian ave is still charging drivers $2.99. Really?

So big shout out to Food4Less for helping our community not only find affordable food but gasoline as well and big shoutout to those of you still shopping across the street from Food4Less just so we don't have to wait in line to save money. lol
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